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Thank you for signing up to the Witherslack, Foulshaw, Meathop and Millside hyperfast internet project. You are receiving this email because you applied to have B4RN service installed at your premises. Your answers here will help plan the property end installations so when the service goes live you will be able to enjoy the benefits straight away.

Fibre Installation

House End Installation:
Did you know that you can:
Install the kit yourself
Get our installer to install it for you
Or a bit of both; you can dig your garden and install the duct to your house and our installer will fit the house kit
for you

If you want to install the ducting from your boundary to your property this is a simple job that requires the 7mm duct to be laid either:
A spade’s depth down in a 10mm wide trench
Surface mounted using clips on a vertical hard surface
A combination of both

We would like you to answer some questions regarding your fiber installation.

If you want to install the kit yourself you will need to have some DIY skills and depending on the thickness of your walls a suitable drill bit. If you want to install the ducting from your boundary to your property this is a simple job that required a 10mm trench digging across your garden and a 7mm duct slotting into the hole. Or you can surface mount the 7mm duct along a wall of the edge of steps.

If you are considering installing the kit your self please enter your email address below and we will send you a set of instructions. You can go through them and decide if you want to do the installation yourself or get us to do it for you.

The installation team will charge you for installing the kits. Each installation is different but to give you some idea a simple house install through a cavity wall will cost approx £70. To go through a 1 meter thick stone wall will be approx £100. The garden dig starts from £50 for up to 4m of lawn and increases depending on your configuration. If we have to go under footpaths around decking etc it will cost more. Following a site visit we will give you a quotation for the job.

The good news is that once your service is live and you have had the service for a month B4RN will pay the £150 dig in grant.

Businesses get a free connection whereas residential customers pay a one off fee of £150, unless you have invested £1,500 in B4RN shares in which case there is no charge.

Do you want to keep your phone number after your service has gone live? Whatever you do DONT terminate your telephone line you will lose your number. Select the keep number below and we will send you specific instructions.

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Link to router installation manual CLICK HERE