Newsletter One

Many thanks for registering an interest with our Witherslack B4RN Project and welcome to our first Newsletter.
Our newsletters will try to keep you updated on how we are progressing our community ambition to bring ultrafast broadband connection to all properties in the entire parish of Witherslack, Meathop and Ulpha and to a few additional properties lying just outside of the parish, including those clustered at Whitbarrow Lodge.
During two weeks in June we delivered by hand, to every household within the parish, a leaflet and registration form outlining our ambition.  And then on 26 June 2019 we held a very successful community event attended by over 70 people from our parish and some unexpected observers from adjacent parishes.
Since then registration has been strong.  As of 26thJuly (one month on from the community event) we have:
77 businesses that have registered an interest;

100 residential properties.
This is great news and has already resulted in B4RN (Broadband for Rural North) submitting a Project Registration with government, that starts the process to bring down the much needed Gigibit Vouchers. To move us up the project list at B4Rn we need as many registrations of interest as possible.
To maximize the government credit available for our community, (estimated at just over £500,000) B4RN has set us the following targets of registration:
86 businesses; and
178 residential properties.
Initially we have been focusing our attention on businesses but, as we near that target, our attention now moves to individual residential properties.  And this is where we need your help.
Click here to download  the leaflet, print it off and pass it to your neighbour or perhaps email it to a friend within the parish who may not yet have registered for B4RN.  Printed copies are available from the shop and The Derby Arms.
We are likely to be more successful, and get more registrations, if those already signed up can help spread the word across our community.  At the same time a few of those who have registered have also volunteered to do door to door, telling people about the project and seeing if anyone else wants to sign up.  If you would like to help in this first stage of the Project then please get in touch with Stephen Ratcliffewho is coordinating the registration across the parish.
Drop In Sessions at The Derby Arms on Monday nights from 18:30 to 20:00  If you would like to attend please book a session by emailing

Some Popular FAQs 

Q. Do I still need my existing phone line if I go for B4RN ?

A. B4RN fibre replaces your broadband part of your current telephone/broadband connection. You can add a telephony service and keep your existing telephone number for £8 per month. This includes calls to landlines and mobiles.

Q. I am already in a contract does that mean I can’t have B4RN

A. You can have B4RN as soon as its available. If you sign up then we will do the installation work and then enable it when your existing contract expires. Due to the amazing speed you might want to change as soon as its available.

Q. Will I be able to get the new Britbox service from BBC and ITV ?

A. Yes you will. And because we have a 1000 mbs download the spinning disk will be a thing of the past. Also Netflix 4k downloads actually work with B4RN.

For further information please contact….
Your Witherslack B4RN team:
Rick Fry
John Geldard
Bill Gill
Mark Palacio
Steve Ratcliffe
Nick Stanley
Nigel Wilkinson
Witherslack School