Witherslack B4RN Project Ultra Fast Broadband

Bringing fast broadband to rural areas…

Build is underway

A very exciting development sees the Witherslack, Ulpha and Meathop community working hard to push for the arrival of ultrafast broadband to everyone in the parish who wants it. Currently over half the properties in the parish have signed up.
Build is now underway and gaining momentum. Thanks go to everyone who has registered interest and to those who invested in B4RN. The Village Hall, Dean Barwick School and an increasing number of other properties are now connected to ultrafast broadband. We hope the rest will follow in a timely manner.

Route 1: Gilpin Bridge-Foulshaw-Town End- Village Hall (VH) with spurs for Foulshaw and Whitbarrow
Route 2: Village Hall – Millside, Beck Head, OverSands School & The Lawns
Route 3: Village Hall to Town End, Derby Arms, Ulpha and Meathop
Route 4a: Halecat, Dean Barwick School
Route 4b: Village Hall to Spa, Strickland, North Lodge
Route 4 extension: Village Hall to Dob Coppice, Helm Crag, Thorphinsty and Summer Green Farm

Can you spot where the mole has ploughed?

If you have any questions, or want to sign up please use our contact form.

The latest version of the flyer is available here.

Register for your funding via the government Gigabyte voucher scheme

How the community can help

  • Volunteers are needed to help digging the ducts within gardens and assisting installation. If you are willing to help then drop a line to volunteers@witherslackb4rn.org.uk and we’ll be in touch. Huge thanks to those who have already been in contact.
  • Farmers along the routes do you have any spare part of your yard where the contractor can store equipment whilst laying the network in your vicinity? If you have possible space then please contact Rick Fry 0777181008 rick.fry@rfit.net (for Route One) or Nick Stanley nick@handstand.f9.co.uk (for Route Four).
  • Please tell your neighbours and friends. Maybe forward a link to this website to other people living in the parish and ask them to CLICK HERE to apply if they haven’t already done so. We need everyone to know that the build is happening and that they need to register now if they are to take advantage. It will be possible to connect after the build but it may be more expensive and the WUM team may not be able to assist.