Warning you are not in the UK / Geolocation Issues

Many of you may be aware that B4RN have been carrying out a lot of work which has involved changing the IP address of B4RNs connection on the internet. This work has gone well but every now and then we are seeing external sites that are not recognising some of our IP addresses as being registered in the United Kingdom. All our addresses are correctly registered within the UK and have been for some time.  The issue will be that the specific site has not updated its geolocation information or that their geolocation service’s algorithm has incorrectly identified your IP address as being outside the UK.  If you do come across a site or service that is not recognising that you are in the UK then please e-mail with the site name and your IPv4 address. We will then get in contact with the site administrators so they can make the necessary changes.  We would also ask that you contact the support service for the affected site and request that they update their records.  We are currently aware of issues with EE Wi-Fi calling and the National Lottery.  We are working hard to rectify these issues, but it is ultimately the web services responsibility to correctly identify your location.

This should only be affecting IPv4 addresses starting 149. To find your IPv4 address you can go to

The two main issues are with EE Wi-Fi Calling and the National Lottery. We’ve Spoken to EE and their third party who manage their geolocation and they have escalated the case internally. The IP addresses concerned have been working fine until a few days ago so it seems as though they’ve used flawed data when updating their records. Same with the Lottery.

Hugh Davies has also written an informative post on The Computer Club Facebook page –

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